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Are These the Cheapest New York Virtual Offices?

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This post was originally written September 6, 2011, but has been continually updated as information and prices change.

What’s one of the cheapest ways to establish an office presence in New York City?

Well, you could start with a virtual office mailing address. You’ll find a virtual office in NYC starting from just $48 per month here at Alliance Virtual Offices, which comes with a great business address, mail receipt services and a personal mail box. You can swing by and collect your mail for free or have it forwarded to your company headquarters.

Or you can add on a few dollars more and get a whole host of professional services, like customized call answering and inclusive meeting room usage.

There are other options out there of course, and it always pays to do your research. One of the cheapest options we’ve found is NYMail, which is has an attractive low entry price point, but is geared to those who will receive limited mail, and does not provide the same amenities as a full business center.

The company set up shop on New York’s Fifth Avenue back in 2011, having opened its virtual doors in 1985. This virtual mail provider’s value proposition is clear: very competitive entry price point for mail receipt in NYC.

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Need a business address? Get an instant presence anywhere with a Virtual Business Address. 1000s of locations to choose from. Professional service and unbeatable value from just $39 per month

How cheap? You can get a business address from NYMail for $30 a month, which is effectively a postal receipt service. That lets you open a bank account and conduct your business privately and securely. There are additional services too, like voicemail and a local phone number with 212 area code.

That’s probably one of the cheapest virtual office solutions we’ve found in Manhattan, but be sure to make sure it fits your company needs. Like we said, it pays to do your research. Shop around and be clear on what you need from your virtual office. If it’s just a mail receipt service with a limited number of mail items then this is probably the cheapest option. Yet there are many layers of virtual office services, which can give you everything from inclusive meeting room rental to customized call answering services, receptionist support and a whole lot more.


Have you tried one of these virtual offices in Manhattan? We’d love to know what you think.

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