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Professionally managed workspace
for remote teams and work-anywhere entrepreneurs.

Modernize the way you work. Choose coworking.

Working from home doesn’t work for everyone — it’s often distracting and isolating. Coworking provides a connected workplace with an established community of professionals to help you regain focus and maximize productivity.

Safe, wellness-oriented spaces with conscientious onsite staff.

Your wellness is our top priority. Work happily, safe in the knowledge that your coworking space is carefully managed and frequently cleaned to ensure a safe, healthy environment.


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Your Workplace

Choose a better equipped environment.
Your home isn’t designed for full-time work. It’s for fun, family and relaxation. Upgrade your choice of workplace and take advantage of a business-focused coworking space that provides everything you need to work productively.
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Workplace wellness is more important than ever.
Work safely and productively. Coworking has rewritten the book on workplace wellness, and you can rest assured that your chosen coworking space is frequently cleaned, sanitized, and carefully managed by attentive onsite staff.
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Change your routine, revitalize your work.
Need a change of pace? Working from home is often isolating, distracting, and just plain boring. Switch up your daily routine and inject fresh productivity into your working day by using a coworking space that’s vibrant, supportive, and focused on your success.
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Work Near

Choose convenience over a long commute.
Work locally. Save valuable time and travel expenses by reducing your daily commute. Choose a coworking space that’s conveniently located near your home, which means less time traveling and more time building your business.
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Help When
You Need It

Day-to-day support from helpful onsite staff.
Friendly smiles and a professional can-do attitude go a long way toward helping your business succeed. Every coworking space has onsite staff to manage the workspace, welcome guests, receive your mail, and provide support anytime you need it.
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Build Your Business Network

Tap your coworking community for ideas and support.
Become part of an established coworking community. Connect with like-minded professionals in your workspace to gain fresh ideas, learn new tips or skills, and build a thriving business network.
What Our Clients Say
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Coworking Features

Space for Business

Coworking spaces are built for business, enabling you to leave your distracting home environment behind and get to work in a productive space with everything you need at your fingertips.

Flexible, Full-time Access

Maximize your office time. Get full-time access to your chosen coworking space, based on the operator’s opening hours. Use your workplace all day, every day, or simply check in at a time to suit you.

Established Business Community

Coworking is a powerful way to work. By working in a collaborative community of professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to share knowledge, learn new skills, and grow your business network.

Professionally Managed Workspace

Every coworking space is managed by a professional team. From booking meeting rooms to keeping the coffee fresh, it’s their job to keep the space clean and running smoothly, and to provide support anytime you need it.

Quality Amenities

Home printer out of ink again? Professional workplaces provide business-grade amenities, which includes office essentials such as printers, scanners and copiers. You’ll also get high-speed WiFi access and easy access to onsite meeting rooms.

Recognized Business Address

Protect your home address by using a recognized coworking business address on your website, email footer, business cards and other marketing material. Many coworking spaces offer mail processing and collection services too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking Spaces
A. Every coworking center in the Alliance network is professionally managed by an onsite team, who are responsible for ensuring frequent cleaning and sanitization. Our center partners have implemented a variety of safety precautions, such as sanitizer stations, reduced capacity in certain areas, signage to indicate social distancing, and one-way systems (where possible).
A. A coworking plan with Alliance includes full-time access to the workspace based on the operator’s opening hours. You will have use of a dedicated workstation with Internet connectivity, water, and hot drinks.
A. Your coworking membership is intended for the person who signs the agreement only. However, coworking spaces offer a variety of flexible options, such as day passes or hourly access to office space and meeting rooms, which are ideal for guests.
A. Most coworking centers allow access after hours. If you require access on weekends or evenings, please check with us prior to booking.
A. You can use the address on your business cards and website, which is a great way to build a local marketable presence and protect your home address. Most coworking centers will receive items of mail on your behalf, but if you require frequent mail processing or mail forwarding, this may require a separate virtual office agreement.
A. Coworking gives you daily access to a physical workspace with WiFi connectivity, office facilities, and help from onsite staff.

A Virtual Office gives you a business address with mail processing services. Physical office or desk space is not included with the Virtual Office Platinum plan, but you can book a private office by the hour or you can try our Virtual Office Platinum Plus, which comes with 16 hours of private office or meeting room time per month (excluding New York City and London, which offers 4 hours).
A. You will have a dedicated desk for the day in a shared office. The policy of every coworking space is different and the same desk may or may not be available each day -- please contact us for specific details about your chosen coworking center, prior to booking.
A. Coworking spaces offer a variety of services including private offices, meeting rooms and shared space. It’s a connected, plug-and-play environment that’s popular with entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also for teams that need a regional satellite office.

With many large companies decentralizing their teams, coworking gives people the option to work remotely by providing a professional environment in convenient locations near home. Find out more here.
A. Coworking offers a variety of workspaces including private offices, shared space and meeting rooms, and appeals to a wide variety of professionals. For those working remotely, it provides a professional environment that’s business-focused and free from the distractions of home. For mid-size or large companies, coworking spaces provide satellite offices for regional teams, and also provides an effective workplace solution for companies looking to decentralize their main office.

Above all, coworking spaces have their own supportive community, which provides a more supportive environment than working in isolation at home.