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Protect your personal cell phone for privacy and security.
Separate personal calls from business calls with a dedicated business number and a powerful cloud-based phone system. Keep your personal number private and connect your business with the world, effortlessly.

Build credibility with a professional business number.

Easily scale your team with extensions and individual numbers.

Is your business connected by personal cell phones? Onboard new people with a centralized communications system that connects your team and strengthens your brand. Our friendly support staff is here to help set you up, quickly and easily.


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Business Number

Establish credibility and grow your business.
Build brand credibility with a dedicated business number and your choice of a local or toll-free area code. It not only looks professional, it demonstrates your integrity and helps build trust with clients and stakeholders.
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Scale Quickly
and Easily

Your number grows with your business.
Much more than a contact number, your business number becomes an integral part of your brand and grows with your business. Use it for business licensing, LLC setup, building financial credit, for marketing purposes, and more.
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Your Team

Connect your team with the world, easily.
Unlimited extensions means you can add new team members and create individual numbers seamlessly. Route calls with the help of user-friendly call menus and helpful recorded greetings, so you never miss an important call again.
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Build Your
Brand Reputation

Develop good standing with financial institutions.
Gain recognition and establish trust with banks and other stakeholders. Having a business number listed on the 411 directory, rather than a cell number, shows financial institutions that you’re a viable and stable business.
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Take Calls
from Anywhere

Maintain professionalism while you work remotely.
Powerful cloud-based technology combined with a number that’s uniquely yours means you can take calls from anywhere. Receive calls on your cell phone or any WiFi-enabled device and maintain productivity — and professionalism — while working from anywhere.
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Local and
National Marketing

More than just a number.
Strengthen your marketing with a commercially recognized local or toll-free business number. Use it on social media, your email footer, website and local business marketing to create a presence with your target market.
What Our Clients Say
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Virtual Phone Features

Dedicated Business Number

Choose your own dedicated business number. It’s yours to publish on your website, email footer, business cards, and 411 national directory. And that’s not all — use it for business licensing, entity setup, to apply for credit, and more.

Local Or Toll-free Area Code

It’s your choice. Opt for a local area code to match your registered business location, your core client market, or your virtual office address. Or choose a toll-free code for a professional edge.

List on 411

Submit your business number to the national 411 directory quickly and easily. Expose your business to more prospective customers, and build credibility for important business milestones such as setting up an LLC and applying for financial credit.

Inclusive Calling Minutes

Frequent caller? A Virtual Phone plan from Alliance includes local and long distance calling minutes. With a cloud-based phone system, you’re free to make unlimited calls, which helps keep your team and your customers connected.

Business Phone System

Powerful yet easy to use, a Virtual Phone system comes with 50+ features to help your business communications run more smoothly. Includes caller menus, voicemail by text, branded greetings, unlimited extensions, and more.

Auto Attendant

Enhance your customers’ call experience. An auto-attendant diverts callers to the appropriate extension and provides user-friendly options, such as caller menus. Keep your voicemail greetings on-brand with custom messages and company information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Business Phone
A. A virtual phone system goes by many names: VoIP phone, Virtual PBX, Virtual PBX Phone System, Small Business Phone System, etc. Whatever the name, our feature-rich virtual phone system allows users to set up a Fortune 500 type phone system for less. From conference calls to dial by name directories, our phone system has it all. Best of all it can be managed through our intuitive web interface.
A. We will help you list your business number in the 411 phone directory assistance for free, through 411 listings may take 5 to 10 days to appear. The listing will only be “Local” meaning that it will not come up in any national directories. Regional or National listings have an additional cost. We recommend visiting’s website for further information. 411 Listings require that we share your business information with an outside entity and we will need your explicit authorization to do so.

Please email [email protected] stating that you authorize us to list you on 411.
A. Yes! If you already have a business number, you can use this alongside your virtual business address. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to having your own dedicated business number rather than relying on a cell phone. Many of our clients find that having a commercially recognized business address with a dedicated business number provides easier access to services such as credit and loan applications, which is essential for future growth.
A. Most of Alliance Phone System plans are unlimited minutes, so this should not be of consequence to most of our clients. However, certain international calls may apply. For this, here is how we count minutes: Alliance does not count any calls against our clients' minutes if they are 5 seconds or less. Other than that, our system counts 30 second increments so a 25 second call is 30 seconds and a 55 second call is counted as 1 minute. Please note that these minutes are counted separately from our Live Answering system.