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Build Credibility. Protect Your
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A virtual office address gives you
an instant presence, anywhere.

Build trust and credibility with a
commercially recognized address.

Establish your business at a commercially recognized address to achieve long-term stability in your chosen market. It’s a fast, cost-effective way to build trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders.

Your Virtual Office is much more than a
business mailing address.

Behind every Virtual Office is a recognized business center with professional onsite staff, meeting rooms and office facilities. You’ll get a commercial address for your business, mail processing with forwarding options, and easy access to onsite meeting rooms for team meetings, client visits and focused work.

Two Plans, 1000+ Locations.

We offer two Virtual Office plans for flexible growth.
Virtual Office
Platinum Plan
0 Hours of Meeting Room or Private Office Time.
Recognized business address.
Receive unlimited letters.
Mail receipt and local pickup.
Mail forwarding.
Access to meeting and private space.
Use for business licensing.
Use for opening a bank account.
Use on website & business cards.
Lobby receptionist to greet visitors.
1000s of meeting rooms globally.
Online notary included for registration.
Virtual Office
Platinum Plus Plan
16 Hours of Meeting Room or Private Office Time.
Recognized business address.
Receive unlimited letters.
Mail receipt and local pickup.
Mail forwarding.
Access to meeting and private space.
Use for business licensing.
Use for opening a bank account.
Use on website & business cards.
Lobby receptionist to greet visitors.
1000s of meeting rooms globally.
Online notary included for registration.
Need regular access to meeting rooms?
Save an average of 75% on meeting room rental with Platinum Plus Plan.

Grow Your Business,

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Set The Right

Develop trust and credibility with clients.
Build a professional, established image. A Virtual Office provides a recognized home for your business while you work from home, or from anywhere. Choose the right location for your business and set the best impression, first time and every time.
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Grow Business

Sustain your business for the long-term.
Demonstrate integrity. A Virtual Office isn’t just a mailing address — it’s an integral part of your long-term business success. That’s why you can use your address to register your business, open a bank account, apply for credit, and much more.
virtual office for a local presence - icon

Your Market

Enter new markets with a low risk profile.
Location is a vital part of your business identity. From Wall Street to Wilshire Boulevard, establish a local presence in the heart of your target market. It’s a cost effective way to gain high visibility with a low risk profile.
 Virtual Office enables remote work - icon

the Way You Work

Work flexibly, safely.
Unleash your productivity. A Virtual Office enables remote work without compromising on professionalism. It provides a stable location for your business and a safe, on-demand environment for client meetings, team collaboration, and focused work.
professional business address for protection - icon

Your Home Address

Separate your personal assets from your business.
Keep your private life, private. Is your home address published on your email footer and website? Now you can leverage your commercial address for long term success by using it for entity registration, business licensing, marketing, and more.
virtual office to build business credit - icon

Build Credit
For Business Stability

Gain trust with financial institutions.
Did you know that a Virtual Office can help you build financial credibility? Lenders look more favorably on businesses that use a commercially recognized address and a business number. Find out how a Virtual Office can help you achieve credit success here.
What Our Clients Say
Here’s what you can expect from Alliance.
“Absolutely amazing
Customer service”
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Virtual Office Space Features

Recognized Business Address

A professional address for your business. Use your new virtual business address to receive mail, for local marketing, to open a bank account, apply for credit, and more.

Mail Processing & Pickup

Mail is received by onsite receptionists and stored securely for local pickup. Collect mail as often as you like at no additional charge.

Frequent Mail Forwarding

Have business mail forwarded to the location of your choice on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (a small additional fee applies for handling and postage).

A Safe Place to Meet

Easy access to safe, professionally managed meeting rooms on flexible hourly rates. Includes Internet connectivity, conferencing amenities, and support from onsite staff.

Flexible Day Offices

Book a private office or a hot desk at your Virtual Office location by the hour. Work productively in a comfortable, furnished environment that prioritizes your health and wellbeing.

Business Center Services

Keep your day-to-day business running smoothly. Onsite amenities may include copying, printing, shipping, office supplies, secretarial support and more.
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How to purchase

Easy Steps. Watch this video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Business Address
A. The terms ‘virtual office’ and ‘virtual address’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A Virtual Office provides a combination of services that are packaged together into a single product; a virtual address makes up one of those components.

  • A Virtual Office normally includes a recognized business address (also known as a virtual address), a mail processing and forwarding service, and the ability to use onsite meeting and office facilities.
  • A virtual address is one component of the Virtual Office product that is also known as a ‘business address’ or an ‘office address’. Many people refer to it as a ‘virtual address’ due to it being a core component of a standard Virtual Office package.
Find out more in our Ultimate Guide to Virtual Offices.
A. Yes, you can use your virtual business address for business registration and licensing. Some industries have restrictions, but the majority of our clients are able to have their licensing approved with our addresses without any problems. You can add your new business address to your website, business cards, email footer and letterhead to securely receive business mail. Your mail will be received by the front desk and stored safely for collection, or forwarded to an alternate address.

Our virtual office centers are situated inside commercially recognized office buildings and many of them will even hang your business license at their location. Please contact us to check if your Virtual Office center can do this.

Note: if you are incorporating your business using your virtual business address we also recommend using a registered agent service.
A. Our standard Virtual Office plan includes a business address and mail processing service. You can add a dedicated business number to your virtual business address through Alliance anytime for just $30 per month, which also includes a market-leading VoIP phone system. Or you can buy a business number as part of our standalone Virtual Phone plan, without a virtual business address. Your new number comes with either a toll free or a local area code, which you can add to 411 Directory Assistance. Find out more and buy online here.
A. Yes! If you already have a business number, you can use this alongside your virtual business address. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to having your own dedicated business number rather than relying on a cell phone.

Many of our clients find that having a commercially recognized business address with a dedicated business number provides easier access to services such as credit and loan applications, which is essential for future growth.
A. If you are purchasing a new Virtual Office from Alliance, we charge a one-time setup fee of $150. This covers all of your account set-up costs, including a remote notary session to complete your account activation. Find out more about the Virtual Office setup fee here.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a setup fee for Live Receptionist plans, Virtual Phone plans, meeting room rental or coworking subscriptions.

If you require mail forwarding with your business address, there will be a small additional fee to cover the cost of postage and packaging. This is clearly indicated during our online purchase process. Alternatively you can collect mail from your Virtual Office center for no additional charge.

Find out more about Virtual Office costs and pricing in our blog post: How Much Does a Virtual Office Cost?
A. Once you have signed up for a Virtual Office from Alliance, you can use your new business address to receive mail and to register your business. Publish your address on your email footer, website, letterhead, business cards and other marketing material, and have all mail directed there. When mail arrives, onsite staff receive, sign-for and store your mail for collection. Or you can have it forwarded to an alternative location, such as your home address (a small additional fee applies for mail forwarding).

You can also use your Virtual Office as a place to work, or to meet clients and coworkers. Every virtual business address is located at a recognized office building with receptionist staff and onsite meeting rooms and day offices, which you can book on flexible hourly rates starting from just $10 per hour.
A. We find that the biggest benefits of a Virtual Office come down to cost efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer a Virtual Office because it doesn’t tie them to a specific piece of real estate for a long period of time. It’s flexible, and it allows them to work and hire from anywhere while maintaining a presence in their target market.

Many companies don’t need a full-time office space. They just need a virtual business address for their mail, some ad hoc receptionist services, and occasional access to meeting rooms or coworking. That’s it -- and that’s exactly what a Virtual Office provides.

Once you start using a virtual address for your business, your business appears much more professional and established. This helps to instil trust in key stakeholders, which is essential for building business credibility and paving the way for future growth.

Here are 5 quick benefits of a virtual business address:
  • Target a Specific Location: Create an instant presence in your core market(s) and boost local marketing efforts.
  • On-Demand Meeting Rooms: Meet clients confidentially in private, furnished meeting space by the hour. Onsite day offices are also available for ‘touchdown’ working.
  • Build Credibility with Banks: Reputable lenders usually request a business address rather than a home address or PO Box for credit applications.
  • Project Professionalism: A business address in a recognized office building helps set the right expectations and reflect your professionalism.
  • Protect Your Home Address: Bombarded by junk mail? Keep your home and business separate by using your virtual address for mail and business correspondence.
A. It’s easy to register your LLC with a virtual business address. Once you’ve signed up for your business address, you’ll need to name your LLC and apply for a Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) with the IRS, then complete and file your forms with your new virtual business address on your articles of organization. You can do this all online with your Secretary of State or Division of Corporations. Read more in our guide.

We advise reviewing the industry requirements in your area as some restrictions may apply to using a Virtual Office. When registering your company, you will be asked to name a registered agent and registered agent address. This is an important decision and we recommend using a registered agent service when you setup your business as an LLC.

Virtual Offices Worldwide

Create an instant presence in a new city with a virtual business address.
Choose from hundreds of virtual office addresses across the world, from suburban office parks to iconic city skyscrapers. Use your business address as a mail handling facility, for marketing purposes, or to rent meeting rooms and office space by the hour.

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