Build Credibility. Protect Your
Personal Assets. Focus On Growth.

Virtual Office +

A virtual office address gives you
an instant presence, anywhere.

Build trust and credibility with a commercially recognized address.

Establish your business at a commercially recognized address to achieve long-term stability in your chosen market. It’s a fast, cost-effective way to build trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders.

Your Virtual Office is much more than a business mailing address.

Make positive impressions and win loyalty.

Behind every Virtual Office is a recognized business center with professional onsite staff, meeting rooms and office facilities. You’ll get a commercial address for your business, mail processing with forwarding options, and easy access to onsite meeting rooms for team meetings, client visits and focused work.

Two Plans, 1000+ Locations.

We offer two Virtual Office plans for flexible growth.
Virtual Office
Platinum Plan
0 Hours of Meeting Room or Private Office Time.
Recognized business address.
Receive unlimited letters.
Mail receipt and local pickup.
Mail forwarding.
Access to meeting and private space.
Use for business licensing.
Use for opening a bank account.
Use on website & business cards.
Lobby receptionist to greet visitors.
1000s of meeting rooms globally.
Online notary included for registration.
Virtual Office
Platinum Plus Plan
Up to 16 Hours of Meeting Room or Private Office Time.
Recognized business address.
Receive unlimited letters.
Mail receipt and local pickup.
Mail forwarding.
Access to meeting and private space.
Use for business licensing.
Use for opening a bank account.
Use on website & business cards.
Lobby receptionist to greet visitors.
1000s of meeting rooms globally.
Online notary included for registration.
Need regular access to meeting rooms?
Save an average of 75% on meeting room rental with Platinum Plus Plan.

Grow Your Business,

build credibility with a virtual office - icon

Unleash Your
Business’ Potential

Strengthen your professional reputation.
You’ve worked hard to build a respected and trustworthy reputation, and a Virtual Office helps maintain it. Take your aspirations to the next level with a company office, a recognized address, secure mail services, and on-demand access to professional workspace for meetings and focused work.
register your business with a virtual address - icon

Conserve Capital
for Innovation

Operate efficiently and sustain your business for the long-term.
Avoid the financial excess of a full-time office and gain easy access to professional on-demand space while working wherever you want. Streamline your business and achieve sustainable growth with a workplace solution that maximizes flexibility and supports your remote work style.
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Your Location

It’s your choice: downtown, edge of town, close to home.
Want to be close to clients, your team, or the competition? Get in on the action with a reputable location in the heart of your target market, complete with professional onsite workspace for client meetings. Choose from 1400+ locations in central business districts and suburban office parks, worldwide.
Virtual Office enables remote work - icon

the Way You Work

An office that fits your flexible work schedule.
Work more productively. A Virtual Office combines the convenience and cost-efficiency of working from home, with the professionalism of your own workspace. Built for remote work, it provides a private business environment for meetings, collaboration, and focused work.
professional business address for protection - icon

Your Home Address

Separate your home from your business.
Don't want to publish your home address on your email footer and website? Now you can shield your personal details by using your Virtual Office for marketing purposes as well as public company records, entity documentation, business licensing, and more.
virtual office to build business credit - icon

A Safe Place
for Mail

Protect your business and your identity.
Items left in a postal box, or your front porch are vulnerable to theft. A Virtual Office protects your mail and helps prevent data or identity theft. Mail is received by onsite staff, signed-for, and stored securely for ID-verified pickup. Or have mail forwarded directly to your home.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s what you can expect from Alliance.

Reviews • Excellent

Alliance Virtual Offices Reviews
Alliance Virtual Office Is A Great Service
Alliance Virtual Office is a great service, I have just signed up for a second office with them the prices are very reasonable I'm very happy with them.
Very Easy And Quick Process For Setting Up
Very easy and quick process for setting up my Virtual office. Customer service was second to none. Would highly recommend.
-Wesley M.
Thank You...
Thank you as your services are very necessary for anyone starting or growing a business. The staff is both knowledgeable as well as friendly and helpful.
-Marisol S.

Virtual Office Space Features

Work-Ready Company Address

Work remotely or book office space with a fully-equipped, flexible virtual office. Use your new address to receive important documents, expand local marketing, and solidify your presence at a location of your choosing.

Secure and Convenient Mail Pickup

Take action on junk mail before it invades your personal space. Rest easy knowing your mail and packages are safely held with ID-verified pick up. Protect your items from theft and your home from clutter.

Freedom and Flexibility with Mail Forwarding

Work from anywhere with ease. Choose to have your mail forwarded directly to your home or workplace on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Save money on gas and time driving, freeing you to grow your business.

On-Demand Workspaces

Avoid losing time and energy to distractions. Book a private office, workstation or team space whenever you need it. Fully furnished and ready to support your productivity, these spaces are available whenever you need a quiet work environment or want to surround yourself with like-minded professionals.

Private Meeting Space

Protect your privacy and support your remote work style with on-demand meeting rooms. With flexible hourly rates and on-site support, you always have a professional, personal place to meet with clients, present ideas, and engage with your team.

Friendly and Professional White Glove Services

Simplify your day with friendly, professional support. Any questions about your plan, amenities, or general business functions are provided by professional on-site staff or by our support team. By phone, online, or in-person, you always have the help you need.

At-the-Ready Office Amenities

Save space in your home office without sacrificing efficiency. Each virtual office location includes a range of convenient office services including copying, printing, shipping, and access to essential office supplies. Everything you need to support your remote work in one centralized location.

Substantially Discounted Meeting and Office Space

Save 50 percent or more on space rental. Book a meeting room or office space whenever you need at massively discounted rates with our monthly workspace subscription, Platinum Plus. Add convenient, affordable work and meeting space options to any Virtual Office plan.
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How to purchase

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