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What Those Virtual Office Sign-Up Forms Are All About

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Ever wondered why we need so much information when you sign up to a virtual office?

Think back to when you set up your business. Or opened a bank account. Or applied for a business loan. Forms, signatures, photo identification, proof of address… The list of requirements before you get what you want seems never-ending.

But it’s all designed to do one thing: to confirm you are who you say you are.

At a time when identify theft and cyber crime are ever-present, it’s identify verifications like these that keep you protected from fraud. The same goes for opening a virtual office. Every new virtual office client has to provide a certain amount of information, which is all about verifying the person behind the details to ensure they’re a legitimate business owner.

After all, you wouldn’t want to set up shop in the same building as a fraudster, would you?

Automated Online Notary

Alliance Virtual Offices utilizes various systems as part of its client verification procedure and to comply with legal regulations.

One of the main authentication processes is the completion of a CMRA form, which stands for Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. When you take out a virtual office or a business address service with Alliance Virtual Offices, US Postal regulations require by law that you complete, sign and notarize the CMRA form.

“To help make the notary part easier, we’ve recently started offering an online notary service to streamline the process for clients,” explains Mike Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer at Alliance Virtual Offices.

“It’s a straightforward process that evaluates photographic identification to ensure compliance, and ensures all elements in the CMRA form are completed accurately, as required by U.S. Postal regulations.”

Alliance Virtual’s online notary process takes a few minutes to complete. While signing-up, clients schedule a short online meeting with a notary using a web-cam – just like a normal video call – to complete and authorize the process.

In addition to improving the speed and accuracy of the sign-up process, it also adds another layer of security that prevents disreputable companies from accessing Alliance Virtual Offices’ services.

This process makes it much easier for new clients to access the services they need to grow their business, while at the same time using modern security methods and technology to freeze out illegitimate companies. Fraud affects every industry in one way or another, and we’re working hard to ensure virtual offices live up to the reputation they deserve; as a valuable business tool to help small firms, startups and freelancers get the helping hand they need to grow into a successful business.


If you need help with your online notary or if you have any other questions about virtual offices, please speak to our customer service team who are always happy to help.

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