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Four Ways to Join the Flexible Work Revolution

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DENVER, CO – Do you support flexible working options like telecommuting from a virtual office? With more companies pulling the plug on virtual office arrangements, a new initiative has emerged that aims to unite people who support workplace flexibility.

It’s called 1 Million for Work Flexibility. When you sign up to become of one of the million you can help create a louder voice for productive change in work flexibility issues, like the passage of San Francisco’s Family-Friendly Workplace Ordinance last week.

A coalition of companies, business leaders and non-profits are supporting the 1 Million for Work Flexibility initiative because they believe virtual offices, telecommuting, part-time work and other flexible work arrangements are a win-win for both companies and employers. Indeed, studies have shown that fostering work-life balance results in higher retention and employee satisfaction, improving the bottom line.

“All kinds of people want work flexibility – women, men, parents, Millennials, retirees, freelancers, military spouses, and many others – and for many different reasons,” says Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs and creator of the initiative. “We are excited to provide a way for these individuals to show their support for work flexibility in a way that can make a positive difference for everyone.”

Specifically, the flexible work initiative will focus on:

  • Allowing people who are interested in work flexibility to get involved in the change.
  • Sharing key information on news, trends, and events pertaining to flexible work.
  • Showcasing thought pieces and personal stories.
  • Highlighting partners and organizations that are committed to work flexibility.

FlexJobs is uniting business leaders, non-profits, and companies to accomplish this goal. The campaign will work to inspire one million Americans to “raise their hands” in support of work flexibility by signing up with their name and e-mail address on the initiative website and promoting this show of support through partner blog posts, newsletters, and social media outreach.

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