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Love Your Business? Give It the Live Receptionist Treatment

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Show your business some love. A Live Receptionist service shows your clients that you really care, and can help your business blossom in more ways than one.

You get a cheerful receptionist who personally answers your business calls, Monday through Friday, in a professional and super-efficient manner. Our receptionists screen every call and handle each one according to your instructions.

Not only does it give your callers the best possible treatment, it also keeps distractions at bay and gives you more time to spend with the love of your life. (That’s your business, right?)

But wait, how do our Receptionists know how to answer your calls? How can they tell the difference between a spam call and a VIP client? And what do they actually do with calls once they’ve been answered?

The answer is simple: you tell us.

The way our receptionists answer calls on behalf of your company is based entirely on the information you provide to us. That goes for:

  • The company name and greeting stated every time we pick up one of your calls;
  • Background information about your company, if asked;
  • Details such as your head office location and your team whereabouts;
  • Your availability for appointments, so our receptionists can schedule appointments on your behalf;
  • What our receptionists do with your calls when you’re unavailable.

These are the key pieces of information our receptionists really need to know. Without them, they are extremely restricted in their ability to offer great service to your callers.

This is the important bit. We need a few pieces of clear-cut information from you that tells us exactly how to answer and handle your calls.

Firstly, review the questionnaire below. If you’ve already answered these questions in full and sent them to our team, great!

If not, or if you haven’t reviewed your answers for a while, now is the time to act.

Here’s what we need to know:

  • Tell us about your business in one short paragraph. This will enable our receptionists to describe your business to callers.
  • What is your business address?
  • What is your time zone?
  • What hours are you available for appointments?
  • Once a call has been answered, should the receptionist:
    • Take a message and email it to you,
    • Screen the call for you (if you’re unavailable, should we take a message or transfer it to voicemail?)
    • Or transfer the call to the system voicemail?
  • For after-hours calls, do you prefer to:
    • Have calls forwarded to your cell phone,
    • Or sent to the system voicemail?
  • What would you like your voicemail to say?
  • Our receptionists can help clients set appointments with you. What are the categories of service offerings you have that can be booked? Examples: Training, initial consultation, therapy, etc. Please tell us how much time these last.
  • Are there others in your company for whom we can set appointments? If so, please list them here.
  • Do you have an online calendar (Google, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud) that you would like to integrate with our booking system? This will enable us to reserve bookings only when you have availability, and will synchronize with your calendar.

Send your answers with as much detail as possible to an Alliance customer service representative, who will update your record and share this vital information with our receptionists. Contact an Alliance support representative on [email protected].

Give your business the Live Receptionist treatment. Your business — and your callers — will love you for it.

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