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50 Weird Flexible and Virtual Office Jobs You Can Do Now

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DENVER – You may not believe some of the jobs you can do from a virtual office these days.

FlexJobs dug deep to come out with its latest list that reveals jobs that allow flexible work options – but these are a little more unusual than most.

“Over seven years, our research team has come across some really surprising and interesting flexible jobs. We are always excited to see the growing variety of positions companies are hiring for that offer telecommuting and other flexible options,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs.

“With the advancements in workplace technology, the window of opportunity has opened up for remote and flexible schedules far beyond what is typically thought of as a work-from-home or flexible job.”

Without further ado, here are 50 of the top 100 most surprising positions that offer flexible options, including 29 virtual office jobs:

    • 1. Art Therapist, Part-Time Job
    • 2. Youth Market Director, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 3. Sonographer II, Part-Time Job
    • 4. Healthy Eating Specialist, Part-Time Job
    • 5. Alcohol Drug Rehab Counselor, Part-Time Job
    • 6. Food Database Researcher, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 7. Weather/Traffic Anchor, Part-Time Temporary Job
    • 8. Au Pair Local Coordinator, Part-Time Flexible Schedule Job
    • 9. Chief Operating Officer, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 10. Nurse Practitioner, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 11. Fish Biologist, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 12. Doctor of Chiropractic, Part-Time Job
    • 13. Family Engagement Facilitator, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 14. Spay & Neuter Surgeon, Part-Time Job
    • 15. Sports Analyst – Lacrosse, Telecommute Job
    • 16. Historian, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 17. Golf Area Manager – Middle East, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 18. Animal Relocation Manager, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 19. Chief of Staff, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 20. Aquarist, Part-Time Job
    • 21. Shopper Analyst, Part-Time Job
    • 22. Scientist Skincare, Long-Term Temporary Job
    • 23. Food & Farm Events Coordinator, Full-Time Telecommute Job
    • 24. Party Host, Part-Time Job
    • 25. Butterfly Garden Interpreter, Part-Time Job

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  • 26. Children’s Sleepwear Designer, Alternative Schedule Telecommute Job
  • 27. Physical Education Teacher, Part-Time Telecommute Job
  • 28. Psychologist, Part-Time Telecommute Job
  • 29. Beer Buyer/Specialist, Part-Time Job
  • 30. Wild Horse & Burro Program Director, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 31. Medical Director, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 32. Concert Manager, Part-Time Job
  • 33. Campaign Manager/Evangelist, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 34. Chocolateer, Full-Time/Part-Time Job
  • 35. Listening Post Analyst, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 36. Voice Editor, Freelance Job
  • 37. Beach-Nesting Bird Survey Technician, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 38. Luxury Human Resources Coordinator, Freelance Job
  • 39. Lawyer, Part-Time Telecommute Job
  • 40. Vice President Marketing, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 41. Sleep Psychologist, Part-Time Flexible Schedule Job
  • 42. Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 43. Trivia Quiz Host, Part-Time Job
  • 44. Denim Patternmaker, Freelance Job
  • 45. Chief Executive Officer, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 46. Tastemaker Tag Sales Logistics Coordinator, Freelance Job
  • 47. Wheat Breeder Scientist, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 48. Ombudsman, Telecommute Job
  • 49. Neurologist, Full-Time Telecommute Job
  • 50. Chief Intelligence Officer, Full-Time Telecommute Job

In line with recent workforce trends, the majority of these jobs are remote positions. The Telework Research Network reports that 44.4 million workers in the U.S. telecommute at least one day a week.

Fell concludes, “The variety of career fields represented in this list highlights not only work-life balance opportunities for job seekers, but also lets employers know that competing fields are offering these options.”

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