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[DEMO] How to Use Your Appointedd Scheduling Software

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Every business using Alliance Virtual Offices’ Live Receptionist service now gets instant, free access to a fantastic online scheduling software powered by Appointedd. Alliance clients can use Appointedd alongside their Live Receptionist service to make managing their schedules faster and easier.

Our friends at Appointedd have whipped up this handy webinar to show Alliance clients how to use the scheduling software and what else you can gain from it.

Here’s how it works:

This short demo covers:

  • A brief overview of the software and the services available
  • How to make an online booking (2.30)
  • Editing, rescheduling or cancelling appointments (3.15)
  • A reporting demo (3.34)
  • Marketing suite, including SMS marketing and reminders (4.17)
  • Other ways to integrate the service (5.04)

Instead of keeping track of appointments via email and calendar, Appointedd gives you a single system that lets you keep tabs on everything in one place. Your Live Receptionist inputs your bookings, allowing you to see your week shaping up at a glance. There’s no risk of double-booking or availability mix-ups, because a booking instantly makes that time slot unavailable to others. Plus, Appointedd makes it simple to arrange calls or meetings with clients in different timezones, with no timezone maths for anyone.

For questions about how to setup and use the software, contact one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives ([email protected]) at any time.

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