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Meeting Room Locations

Ask and you shall receive.

We take great care to staff each and every one of our more than 600 global office locations with the most talented and experienced group of administrative professionals this world has to offer. From telephone answering and call forwarding to reception and IT services, rest assured that you will be well taken care of. When it comes to delivering what you need when you need it - your every wish is our command.

Inspired design, with YOUR needs in mind.

Our impressive facilities provide the ideal location for businesses of all shapes and sizes to work, meet and thrive. Our mission is to make doing what you do even easier, and we're serious when we say we put the "me" in meeting. Why? Because when you walk through our doors, we want you to think, "Wow. This place feels like it was created just for ME."

When it comes to meeting room value, hotels have nothing on us.

As popular meeting destinations, hotels and conference centers have long stood as the standard, go-to choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs. But, we also used to send letters via couriers on horseback. Times change; technologies evolve, and at Alliance, we make it easier than ever to stay ahead of the curve and on top of the mobile revolution. Our meeting rooms will change the way you feel about doing business, and keep you from getting trapped in the past.

Variety is the spice of life, which is why we give you an incredible amount of it.

With an impressive variety of meeting room layouts for you to choose from, maintaining your ideal work style is a breeze. Use our search tool to peruse our expansive list of business centers, located in some of the world's most exciting cultural and business destinations. Whoever said business meetings aren't fun, never tried on one of our meeting rooms for size...

  • Global offering - 1000s of meeting rooms, 100s of locations.
  • Huge choice - from city center to airport to suburban office parks.
  • All configurations covered - interview rooms, conferences, events, training rooms, and more (varies by location).
  • Clear, affordable pricing structure.
  • Straightforward booking - pick your location, time and price.
  • Fast and secure - pay online in minutes.

North American Locations

International Locations

About Alliance Virtual

Alliance Virtual Offices combines People, Place and Technology -- the three key components needed to serve mobile and work-from-home professionals -- to deliver a complete virtual office. Our on-demand offices, virtual phone system and experienced, professional live receptionists enable our clients to operate more flexibly - while projecting a better image -- at a nice price.