Logo Manual

Use these Logo and Icon guidelines to
represent Alliance Virtual Offices. It is the single most recognized element of our brand identity. 


Logo Manual

This manual serves as a guide to maintaining the integrity and consistency of our logo across all applications. Let's explore the elements and usage guidelines to ensure our logo always makes a strong, unified statement.

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Explore our primary and horizontal logo versions.

Primary Logo
Version 01


Horizontal Logo
Version 02


Color Variations

This section outlines how to use each version to ensure consistent and effective brand representation across various backgrounds.

Primary Logo - Original Color

Primary Logo
Original Color

Primary Logo - White Color

Primary Logo
White Color

Primary Logo - Black Color

Primary Logo
Black Color

Horizontal Logo - Original Color

Horizontal Logo
Original Color

Horizontal Logo - White Color

Horizontal Logo
White Color

Horizontal Logo - Black Color

Horizontal Logo
Black Color

Clear Space

To ensure legibility, always keep a minimum clear space around the logo. This space isolates the mark from any competing graphic elements like other logos or body copy that might conflict with, overcrowd, and lessen the impact of the mark.

Clear Space AVO Logo
Clear Space Icon

Follow Clear Space Rules

Ensure there is appropriate clear space around the logo, at least equal to the height of the "E" in the logo.

Don't Crowd The Logo

Avoid placing the Alliance Virtual Offices logo too close to other logos or elements.

Color Usage

This section outlines how to use colors effectively to maintain consistency and impact. Let's ensure our logo shines in every shade!

Color Usage

Use The Right Color

Please use the original color logo with white or light backgrounds and the white logo with black or strong colors like blue or red.

Color Precautions

The black logo should only be used with light background colors or colors that are too bright for the white logo.

Incorrect Use

Learn what to avoid when using our logo. This section highlights common mistakes to ensure our brand identity remains strong and consistent.

  1. Don’t rearrange parts or create compositions that are not already provided.
  2. Don’t change brand colors. Reference the color usage section.
  3. Don’t rotate the logo.
  4. Don’t squash or stretch.
  5. Don’t use logo variations next to the primary logo on the same design.
  6. Don’t add drop shadows or other text styles.


Incorrect Use - Don’t rearrange


Incorrect Use - Don’t change colors


Incorrect Use - Don’t rotate


Incorrect Use - Don’t stretch


Incorrect Use - Don’t mix logo variations


Incorrect Use - Don’t add text styles

Logo Assets


Logo Assets

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