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Our team of friendly, professional receptionists work to build new connections and strengthen client relationships.  

Your business phone is a crucial link between your business and your customers. A Live Receptionist ensures every call resonates and builds the emotional and social connection you need to succeed.  

Impress every caller, build stronger connections, and win more business with a Live Receptionist - for free.
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How it works:


Seamless integration

Once you purchase your plan, your Live Receptionist connects directly to your business phone. From there, every incoming call is routed to a professional receptionist in our remote call center, ensuring the highest call quality possible.


Exceptional customer service

Once connected, your professionally trained Live Receptionist goes above and beyond for every call. Not only do they provide industry-leading service to each caller, but they also integrate your business’s unique voice via customizable answering preferences.


Easy callbacks and message forwarding

If a caller calls after-hours or needs to relay information specifically to you, their message is automatically forwarded to you via email. In the event that a caller needs to speak with you directly, your Live Receptionist will use the built-in scheduling software to schedule callbacks at a time that works for you.


A Live Receptionist upgrades your customer service while simplifying your workday.

Capture more calls. Win more opportunities. Accelerate growth.  

  • A personal touch for every call

  • Make every customer a fan

  • Freedom to grow

A personal touch for every call 

7 out of 10 consumers would pay more for exceptional customer service. A Live Receptionist provides attentive, personalized customer service for every caller, helping you build trust with potential customers. 

Make every customer a fan 

A Live Receptionist creates a personal connection with your existing customer base. Every caller receives special attention, turning customers into devotees and building an organic channel for your business growth. 

Freedom to grow

Running a business is chaotic. Spreading yourself thin only makes it worse. A Live Receptionist handles all incoming calls, giving you the space to focus on expanding your business without compromising your customer service.