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Many professionals and established business owners work remotely. Whether from home, job sites, or on the road, start-ups and scale-ups alike regularly operate from multiple locations.

But even though ‘anywhere’ is your office, your business still needs an official place to call home.


Good news is you don’t need to rent expensive office space or use your home address. 

A Virtual Office from Alliance Virtual Offices provides a flexible, cost-effective solution.

Starting from just $49 per month, a Virtual Office provides:


A company address

A company address for entity and LLC documentation, marketing, licensing, credit applications, and more.


Professional workspace

Professional workspace accessible on-demand at your Virtual Office center for private meetings and solo work.


Secure mail services

Secure mail services provided by onsite receptionists, who receive and store mail safely or forward it directly to you.


1200+ locations

1200+ professionally managed locations to choose from, in central business districts and suburban office parks.


Convenient office amenities

Convenient office amenities at your center including copying, printing, shipping, and more.


Protect your home address and reduce financial risk, while building your company’s credibility and professionalism. 

Alliance also reports to credit companies (specifically Credit Safe) once per month to help build your business credit profile.

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Virtual Office

How Does it Work?

A Virtual Office combines a professional office address with easy access to onsite workspace anytime you need it, offering a flexible alternative to costly full-time office rental.

You can use your address to build financial credit and apply for business loans. You can also use it for entity or LLC formation, business licensing, marketing, mail, and much more.

It’s a flexible way to reduce risk and conserve capital by avoiding the cost of a traditional workplace. At the same time, you maintain the professionalism of having your own office.