Alliance Virtual Offices
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Power Up Your Small Business

Alliance Virtual Offices is a business power tool for startups and SMBs.
Our technology interface and service delivery focus are designed to help bootstrapping businesses grow fast on a budget.
We've always championed small businesses, and we get straight to the core of what you need to succeed with people, place, and technology - the complete virtual office. It's your springboard to the bigtime.

Call: +1 888.869.9494

Virtual Office

A virtual office is an office mailing address that you can use for business correspondence. Business mail is received and forwarded to the location of your choice, as often as you like. Or come and pick it up yourself.

Choose one or more virtual offices from hundreds of locations across North America and internationally.

What you get with a virtual office at Alliance:

Official business address
Mail receipt and local pickup
Mail forwarding
Meeting room and private offices
Live receptionist
Local or toll-free number+VoIP phone system

Virtual Office Locations

Create an instant presence in a new city.
Choose from hundreds of virtual office locations across the world, from local business centers to iconic city skyscrapers. Use the address as a mail handling facility, as your official business address, or rent meeting rooms and office space by the hour.

Mail Forwarding

Have business mail received and forwarded to the location of your choice, as often as you like. Secure and affordable, your business is only charged the postal rate plus a small handling fee based on forwarding frequency.
Or come and collect it yourself for free.


To use a virtual office address in the United States, you'll need to complete a CMRA form (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency). This is a consumer protection to safeguard against fraudulent businesses.
Our inclusive online notary service makes the process quick and easy. Job done.


Use your own notary service when completing your CMRA form, or use our online notary service at no extra cost.
To use our online service, simply upload your document, connect to a live Notary face-to-face on a webcam, and electronically sign your document. The notary will verify and confirm your identity and apply their eNotary seal. That's it.