The 5 Weirdest Places to Set Up Virtual Offices

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LOS ANGELES – It may not surprise you to learn that 84 percent of small business professionals have closed a recent deal beyond the confines of their office. But the places people are getting business done are, in some cases, pretty weird.

According to an eFax survey, 74 percent of eFax survey respondents say they have closed (or have needed to close) a business deal at a restaurant or bar. OK, so that’s not so weird. But wait, it gets better.

Indeed, another 23 percent say they’ve closed a deal while in a car or train. I get that, too. Travel time is prime time to catch up on business reading and email. What’s more, over 30 percent have sent or received a fax at an airport or on a plane, frequent venues for business people on the move. So, again, not so weird. But wait, it gets better.

Respondents also noted they had inked deals via their mobile devices in a Las Vegas casino, at the dentist’s office, and even while waiting in line at the DMV. Now that’s a little stranger. Signing a contract while having a cavity filled is hard core. And in a casino? That could sort of distract you from your card-counting.

As for the most unusual place they have ever faxed, 20 percent say they’ve sent or received a fax via their mobile device while at a sporting event. Who would do that? And one respondent recalled faxing while climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan. So the winner goes to the climber. That’s downright weird. But listen to this hard core mobile worker from a San Marcos Insurance firm.

“As a small business owner helping local businesses and residents obtain almost every type of insurance possible, I fax daily to process paperwork under tight deadlines,” says Beth Ann Alitt, owner of Alitt Insurance. “Last year, I faxed on a cruise and even at a Paul McCartney concert in London! The new digitized finger signature feature that lets me and my clients sign directly on my mobile device will help me close even more deals on the go.”

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