Amazing Spaces: Top 10 Home Office Designs

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From clever closets and dinky desks to marvellous multifunctional spaces, there are oodles of different ways to transform a corner of your home into an inspirational, hardworking office.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite styles from Pinterest, which we’ve shared here.

Some focus on space-saving themes for small apartments and rooms, while others present clever ways to separate your work and home life – a necessity for virtual office users which is all too easily forgotten.

  1. How to Deal with Annoying Alcoves

Marie Bridger pinned this cute alcove-based home office, which originally appeared on Real Simple.

Using shelving, a pull-out desk and a curtain to hide away the office paraphernalia when not in use, this is a great way to make the most of an alcove or ‘nook’. Marie suggests using a “funky curtain” and an antique tieback to hold it out of your way during work hours.

Home office designs - annoying alcoves

  1. Back to Skool

Pinned by Webstash, this blackboard is not just a bit of retro wall art – it’s pretty useful too. Whether you use it as a calendar, notebook or just for doodles, it looks great with this waxed corner desk.

(Tumblr: mildredmildred)

Home office designs - Back to school

  1. Cozy Corners

When it comes to space-saving office designs for the home, Pinterest is alive with great ideas and unique perspectives.

We love this cozy corner, which comes with its own compact storage, corner desk, lighting and even a comfy couch for good measure. We’re willing to bet the top of the couch opens up to reveal a storage chest, too. Genius.

(Sally Aldridge /

Home office designs - Cozy corners

  1. Cupboard Under the Stairs

Okay Harry Potter fans – this one’s for you. Why fill a cupboard under the stairs with coats and shoes when it could be your own secret office? Just for muggles, this fantastic space-saving idea can be personalized to suit any size space.

Larger cupboards can feature under-stair shelving and even a corner desk like this one, pinned by Georgina Irving (originally by Austin Architect), while smaller spaces can do away with storage luxuries and use pale decor and lighting to create a brighter, airier space.

Home office designs - Cupboard under the stairs

  1. Spare Shed

Why let mice and spiders have all the fun? Even the smallest of garden sheds can be transformed into an inspirational workspace, like this one from LoveHome / UKTV, which uses pretty spring colours to create a light, bright space. The perfect al fresco office.

Home office designs - Spare shed

  1. Multifunctional Masterpiece

There’s not even a whiff of corporate activity in this home office. Is it a lounge? Or a library? Or a bedroom? With a bit of design wizardry, it’s a bit of everything. Pinned by Webstash (originally from Taking Steps Home) this beautiful space uses chunky shelving that doubles as a desk, along with lounge furniture and bedroom-style storage boxes for a homely touch.

Home office designs - Multifunctional masterpiece

  1. Clever Closets

These clever closets are the ultimate space-saver. If your bedroom or spare room has a large walk-in closet, or even a small one, you can turn it into a hideaway office.

This one on the left by Pinterest user A Thrifty Mrs (DIY Show Off) is a spacious area concealed by doors, brightened by pastel tones and a cleverly-placed mirror.

Yet even the smallest of clothes-hanging spaces can be transformed into a makeshift workspace. The pin on the right by Lauren Reed (Tatertos & Jello) might seem tight, but it’s just fine for those who work from home for short periods of time.

Home office designs - Clever closets   Home office designs - Clever closets

  1. Sparse Yet Beautiful

When it comes to home office decor and furniture, less is usually more. This sparse, minimalist approach using pipe shelves barely looks like a desk, yet its clean and functional – just what you need for a few quiet hours to bash away at your to-do list.

(Web Stash / French By Design)

Home office designs - Sparse yet beautiful

  1. Using Design to Achieve Work / Life Balance

When working from home, it’s important to have a workspace that you can pack away at the end of the day. Whether you close a door on it, fold it away or pull a curtain, it’s that physical barrier that helps you to de-stress and ease springs.

This cute little number can sit anywhere in the home – even in the hallway – and you simply close the lid at the end of the day. Clever, quirky, pretty, and downright useful.

(Mary Anne Bradford / Flickr)

Home office designs - foldaway furniture

This is another take on the fold-away idea, using a neat wall-mounted desk. It looks a lot like a retro suitcase, but in fact it’s a space-saving desk called NUBO, designed by Ligne Roset.

(Lindy Rogers / Trend Hunter)

Home office designs - foldaway furniture

  1. Mezzanine Magic

Getting this one right requires a designer’s touch, as workspace paraphernalia and storage can easily clutter a small space. This pin by Mary Anne Bradford (Garance Doré) sets the tone beautifully, with the perfect juxtaposition between vintage charm and clean, modern office functionality.

Home office designs - Mezzanine magic

Why not share your favorites with us? Ping us a picture of your home office on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what you love about it.

Backer Of Small Business: We’re Giving Away $500

Alliance Virtual Offices - Backer of Small Business contest

We’ve just launched a new campaign to support small businesses. We’re calling it the Backer Of Small Business, and we’re giving away $500 to one lucky business owner.

Why? Because we’ve been there. We know that for bootstrapping businesses the world over, a few extra dollars (or Euros, or Pounds, or Yen) really can make a world of difference.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you own, run or manage a startup or small/micro business, go to:
  • Tell us in 350 words why your business needs the money and what you would do with it.
  • Be human about it. Don’t just paste your company bio and hope for the best. We’re for real, and we want to know that you are, too.
  • Don’t forget to hit ‘Submit’ when you’re done.

We’re opening the contest to all small businesses, regardless of industry or location. Our judges are Frank Cottle, CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices, and Viveka Von Rosen – the LinkedIn Expert herself.

You don’t have to be a client of Alliance Virtual Offices to enter. In fact we really don’t mind if you have no intention of using our services. We just really, really want to help small businesses like you to get ahead.

If you win, all we ask is that you take part in a quick interview for our blog and share the love on social media.

Oh, and spend wisely!

Find out more and enter online here:

Quick Facts

  • Enter online from April 1
  • Submission deadline May 1
  • We’ll announce our decision on May 22
  • Open to clients and non clients of Alliance Virtual Offices
  • Meet the judges: Frank Cottle and Viveka Von Rosen

Our Dispersed Team Wasn’t Working, Until We Did This.


Never mind dispersed. The Alliance Virtual Offices team is what you might call ‘globally scattered’.

Just picture this. The company is spearheaded in the U.S., with a CEO in Newport Beach, California and the Chief Marketing officer in Lexington, Kentucky.

Over in Las Vegas, you’ll find our CFO plus a close-knit team of receptionists.

A few thousand miles further south is our Director of Operations in Monterrey, Mexico. Head northeast across the Atlantic and meet one of our marketing team in Northampton, England, and another in sunny Dubai, UAE.

We’ve been known to work with great people right across the globe, even as far-flung as Sydney, Australia.

Not to mention the location of our clients of course. Most are based across the U.S., with a sizeable proportion in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and other European locations.

Collecting the pieces

Given that we’re virtual by name, it probably comes as no surprise that we’re virtual by nature too. In fact, we’ve been working across geographical borders for years.

The big question is: How do we bring our globally scattered team together?

And how do we keep things humming along smoothly? How do we work and communicate across time zones? How do we maintain visibility of objectives, tasks, and workflow?

We’re glad you asked!

It’s all down to a bit of tech, a dash of calendar planning and good ol’ fashioned communication.

Okay, that might sound a little too easy. It hasn’t always been a breeze, and there are always challenges involved when distance and time separates you from the people who are integral to driving your business forward.

“You never completely replace the benefit of sitting right next to your colleagues,” says Mike Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer at Alliance Virtual Offices (he’s in Lexington, KY).

“Sometimes I come up with an idea and I need to share it with the team immediately. But when it’s 4:00 pm here, it’s 9:00 pm over in England and midnight in Dubai. So it has to wait.

“That’s frustrating and disruptive. But rather than let it become a problem, we came up with a way around it. Because working this way is so much better and more productive for us than the traditional, centralized 9-5.”

If it wasn’t, we probably wouldn’t be in the virtual officing trade (Alliance Physical Offices doesn’t really have the same ring to it). We had to find a way of replicating the benefit of sitting side-by-side, while working thousands of miles apart.

So here’s how we do it:

1. We Use the Right Tools:
The right technology is essential for anyone working with a dispersed team.

CommunicationA smartphone is important, not so much for calls but for keeping tabs on email, social media and software data – like getting alerts if there’s a problem with your system or website.

When you’re working with an international team, you need communication that everyone can use happily. We know that everyone we work with has Wi-Fi and a laptop, so we use Google Hangouts to chat and make video calls – we know when staff are online when they’re signed in. Some people prefer Skype, so we keep a Skype chat window open too.

When we have a larger group call, we use GoToMeeting – the screen-sharing ability is particularly useful. And Asana helps keep projects humming along nicely. We use it to assign tasks to individuals and attach deadlines. We know Asana sends timely reminders about upcoming deadlines too, which means less person-to-person chasing.

2. We Share Documents:
Another handy bit of kit is Google Drive, because email is so yesterday. Rather than pinging revised documents backwards and forwards, we created a shared drive with Google Docs and keep all our files in one place.

Whenever we have a call together, we make a point of keeping meeting minutes in the Drive, and requesting that ALL edited or new documents be kept in there. It also helps with visibility because at any time, any member of the team can look up a document and see the latest revisions.

3. We Schedule Regular Catch-Ups:
Everyone has a recurring conference call in their calendar. For most people it’s weekly, for others it’s two or three times per week, depending on workloads and projects. This is pretty important. Not only does it give us a chance to have a proper chat, as close to face-to-face as we can get, it also gives each team member a deadline to work towards. No-one likes logging into a meeting without something to report, so it helps keep things on track.

Another important thing about video calls is the human element. “We’ve been working with some members of the team for years, yet we’ve never actually met,” said Mike. “It seems a bit crazy, but so long as we stick to weekly calls, it works just fine.”

4. We Have ‘Alliance’ Days:
Alliance Virtual Offices employs permanent staff alongside freelance marketers. The right freelancer can bring plenty of great skills to the table – but there is a downside. Freelancers work with other businesses – not just ours – so it can be tricky to schedule work around their other marketing responsibilities or benefit from their sole attention.

To get round that problem, we started assigning ‘Alliance days’. It might be a specific afternoon or a couple of days per week. We try to work it so it fits across time zones, meaning no-one has to stay up too late or get out of bed at a crazy hour. When you know which ‘day’ is assigned to you, you have clear visibility over what that person is working on, and you can ping them via chat to ask questions or discuss ideas.

5. Communication is EVERYTHING:
The glue that holds everything together is communication. However you communicate – whether it’s by chat, phone, email, or video – you really must keep it going as often as possible.

“A lot of our people work at home, alone, or in a coworking space, and it’s easy to lose sight of objectives when you’re not sharing the same space as your team,” said Mike. “So we communicate as often as possible to keep priorities fresh and to gain visibility over tasks and deadlines.”

And so?

“We’re not a conventional company, so the conventional 9-5 doesn’t work for us,” added Mike. “This does. It’s flexible, agile, and it suits our virtual business. It suits our clients too, as working across time zones means we can react to things faster.

“These processes we’ve implemented have really reduced the number of iterations and time between iterations dramatically. One simple document that used to take 3 weeks to complete, now can be done within 3 to 4 days with much higher quality output due to the improved focus and process.”

Teach us something new! We’d love to know how you keep your dispersed team working together effectively. Let us know here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

Thanks to SumAll for the awesome images

Starting Up a Business From Home: 5 Perils to Avoid

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Perils of working from home

It’s estimated that over 60% of people who start a business do so from home. Businesses can be run from a spare bedroom, the attic, or even the garden shed.

Commonly, virtual office users spend much of their time working from home – particularly startups, independent professionals and small businesses with remote employees.

Why? It’s low-cost and therefore less risky than diving into an office contract. There’s no commute, which saves enormous amounts of time. It’s handy for working parents. And it’s informal, which is often a welcome change from corporate environments.

However, working from home is not a perfect solution. So here are five perils to avoid when setting up your business from home:

The Kitchen Office:
Take it from us, it doesn’t work. Working from the dining room table or the kitchen breakfast bar for prolonged periods of time is a recipe for expensive physiotherapy. Expect all manners of neck, back and shoulder aches and pains. You will also miss your desk and storage cupboards immensely. Set yourself up properly in a spare room or behind some partitioning, and install comfortable furniture with appropriate storage and filing systems.

As quiet as it may initially seem, working from home brings all sorts of distractions. The postman, the neighbours who decided to pop round when they saw your car in the drive, the family visits: there isn’t much you can do about it, other than ignore the doorbell. What you can do is tell family and friends that you work standard office hours, because those are the hours your clients work. Refuse daytime invitations and reschedule for evenings or weekends – they’ll soon get the message.

Work Boundaries:
When you work from home it’s surprisingly easy to let the boundaries between work and home life blur. You’ll soon get caught checking emails whilst cooking dinner, or working while the TV is on, or taking calls during the school run. This flexibility can have its advantages, as it means you can finish deadlines or tasks from the comfort of your home. But don’t let it invade your private life – set boundaries and keep the two apart. Family life is too precious to be shared.

Patchy Phone Signal:
Most home-based business owners use a cell phone, rather than giving out their home landline number. However if you’re in an area of patchy signal, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to communicate with clients and getting constantly cut off. Other than changing your network provider, try a virtual phone system. You can have a live receptionist answer calls in your company name and re-direct them or take a message. You can also hire a local area phone number, which gives you an established ‘local look’ and protects your home number.

Corporate Snobbery:
Business owners are often guilty of associating established, trustworthy firms with those based in corporate offices. However, we know that’s not always the case. So rather than giving out your home address to all and sundry, and inciting a little snobbery, use a virtual office mailing address. It’s low-cost and you can use it as your company HQ – even if you only go there to pick up mail. Plus, you can get discounted use of meeting rooms, which is ideal should you need to meet clients face-to-face.

How do you deal with the perils of working from home?

Image source

Sign Up for a Virtual Office, Get the Business Address Solution You Need

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The importance of a business address

The concept of “lender compliance” is something that often evades many an optimistic business loan applicant, and we’re hoping to shed a little light on it in this article.

In a nutshell, lender compliance is a series of approval guidelines selected by the lending agents, companies, banks, etc. that comprise part of the approval decision-making process. When a business loan application is submitted, the lender’s computer system checks these lender compliance items to verify whether or not the business will make it to the next level in the loan approval process.

Lender compliance items usually won’t get you approved on their own, however not having them all completed can absolutely get your loan application denied. In fact, missing just one item can get you declined.

While most lenders do not actually go through and check each of the twenty items on the traditional lenders compliance checklist, you don’t know for sure which ones they will check.

So, to be on the safe side, it is best to complete them all. Lenders will not tell you which factors were the cause of your application’s denial, and the lending agent with whom any applicant would work wouldn’t know anything about their compliance items. The compliance checklist would have been programmed into their system and never disclosed to them. As such, it is up to the applicant to get those items taken care of prior to the application process.

This begs the question: just how many lender compliance items are there?

We previously discussed the need to have a business phone number, and that is merely one of approximately twenty lender compliance items that your business must complete prior to having a loan application approved.

Take the need to have a business address, for example. Lenders will check the address on your loan application against the US postal service database in order to verify whether or not it is a residential address or a business address.

“About 80% of business lenders will decline ‘home based’ businesses, so if your application tests out as having a residential address you have a high probability of being declined,” says

Luckily, when it comes to fulfilling everything on the lender compliance checklist, each of the items is easy to complete and most of them have a low cost or free solution. To obtain a commercial, deliverable business address, for example, simply signing up for a virtual office plan, such as those offered by Alliance Virtual Offices, is an affordable and immediate option that many people have found to be the perfect solution to their business address problems.

Whether your need is a business phone number or a commercial business address, obtaining an Alliance Virtual office stands as the ideal solution, with multiple packages and plans available.

From a simple virtual business address or phone number to meeting room availability and live reception services, the many options provided by virtual officing companies not only help attack several of the items on a lender compliance checklist, but they can make running your business a whole lot easier.

Image source: Fletcher6

Putting the Virtual Office Spotlight on Moscow

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Moscow virtual office

At Alliance Virtual Offices, we’re proud to say that we’re home to some of the very best virtual offices in the world. You can access them all, right here, and there are literally hundreds of them!

Have you been to our virtual office locations page recently? You’ll find a long list of virtual offices in soul-stirring locations right across the globe, from New York and London to Paris, Tokyo and Sydney – and virtually everywhere inbetween.

This month, we’re shining the virtual office spotlight on a very special city that’s been getting plenty of attention lately.

Moscow, capital of Russia, is an iconic global city, an economic powerhouse and the financial and political centre of Russia. Some of the city’s earliest references date back to the 12th century, and its status as capital of the Russian Federation has existed for over 860 years. The Kremlin carries enormous historic symbolism, as do many other key landmarks and architectural gems that are positioned throughout this fascinating city.

The city is a hub of trade and industry, and technology is one core strength that Moscow is keen to develop further. Various campaigns are afoot to create the so-called ‘Russian Silicon Valley’, and the Skolkovo Innovation Center near Moscow is one such hub that aims to foster local talent and fast-track promising young technology companies into the global spotlight.

And of course there’s so much more to Moscow than culture and business. Russia’s capital is famous for its sporting prowess, and although the town of Sochi might be over 1,000 miles away, Moscow is enjoying plenty of attention as this year’s hotly anticipated Winter Olympics rolls into Russia. Of course, Moscow hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics and is set to host soccer’s 2018 FIFA World Cup, along with 12 other host cities.

You might be thinking, what does all this have to do with virtual offices? The answer: everything!

When you sign up to a virtual office in Moscow, you don’t just get a professional business address and first-class receptionist services. You can also hire meeting rooms at your chosen virtual office and day offices on-demand, should you need to visit Moscow on business. While you’re there, it would only be fitting to get to know the city a little better by visiting the sights – perhaps by entertaining your business guests at the Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre, or by catching a game at the Luzhniki Stadium.

Head over to our Moscow virtual office page to find out more about this incredible location, and you could soon be placing your own business under the spotlight in Russia’s effervescent capital.

Image source: Dmitry Azovtsev (via Wikimedia Commons)

Alliance Virtual Offices: Bitcoin Accepted HERE!

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Bitcoin payments are now accepted on Alliance Virtual Offices

At Alliance Virtual Offices, we’ve always been proud to stay ahead of the (virtual) game and to offer our clients the very best in virtual officing solutions.

Not so long ago, we launched a currency converter tool and calculator, to help you weigh up the cost of a virtual office in various currencies. Now we’ve gone one step (or rather, several steps) further, and in typical Alliance Virtual Offices fashion, it’s an industry first!

Alliance Virtual Offices has just launched Bitcoin as a payment method. Clients wishing to book virtual offices, live receptionist services, meeting rooms and more can now secure their reservation using the digital currency, which is taking the world by storm.

“When we launched Alliance Virtual Offices, we committed to driving innovation and leadership in the alternative workspace world,” says Frank Cottle, CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices. “When we recognized Bitcoin’s growing impact on the digital payments industry, we moved swiftly to add this alternative currency to our payment options for global clients. We expect to see more virtual office users at home and abroad opt for virtual payment solutions like Bitcoin in 2014 and beyond.”

Watch the video to learn more:

In our multi-currency world, Bitcoin can help simplify payment transactions for virtual office solutions – and a whole lot more.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a Dutch national living in Hong Kong with a virtual office in New York. You can now rely on Bitcoin for seamless transactions without exchange rate fees. The same goes for the virtual office user in Atlanta who just wants a more convenient way to pay.

Why Bitcoin?

Chris Steele, co-founder of Alliance Virtual Offices, says that Bitcoin is a virtual technology that “makes sense” for virtual office users.

“I’ve been watching Bitcoin for years and I believe it will play an increasingly larger role in e-commerce in the months and years ahead,” said Chris. “We’ve implemented a secure, hosted system using BitPay, a leader in e-commerce and B2B solutions for virtual currencies, to facilitate Bitcoin transactions safely for virtual office clients around the world.”

How does it work?

Paying with Bitcoin on the Alliance Virtual Offices website couldn’t be simpler.

  • 1. Head to and select your virtual office or meeting room location (the hard bit is choosing from over 600 amazing locations!)
  • 2. Next, choose the “Platinum” or “Platinum Plus” plan. You can also opt for a Live Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Phone.
  • 3. Add the services to your shopping cart, and select the appropriate lease term and mail handling options.
  • 4. Choose your preferred payment method: credit card or Bitcoin. Et voila!

At Alliance Virtual Offices, ‘virtual’ is our middle name. Everything we do is designed to make it even easier for you to find and select the perfect virtual office services – helping you to find the right solution and save money while you’re at it.

So why not give it a go? We’ll have you snapping up a prime virtual office anywhere in the world with Bitcoin before you can say “that was easy!”

Some Like it HOT in Miami

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Miami virtual offices

Whether you’re really into art and are a dedicated, hardcore follower of all things that such an affinity would entail, Art Basel is a cool, relevant and generally interesting event held in a couple of different cities each year. It just so happens to be going full throttle as we speak, in the sexy southern city of Miami.

Art Basel stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art shows … Founded by gallerists in 1970, Art Basel has been a driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in the nurturing of artists, and the development and promotion of visual arts … Its worldwide reputation – earned over the last forty years – for showing work of the highest merit, and attracting the world’s leading gallerists and collectors, has made Art Basel the place where the art world meets.”

Where am I going with this? Please allow me to set the scene:

You’re in Miami for the all too cool, hip and chic Art Basel event when you happen to meet and mingle with some potential clients/customers/partners/what have you. “It sure would be great if I had an ultra chic Miami business address to adorn my business card,” you think to yourself. Turns out, wowing people with your Duluth office park address isn’t quite so easy as one that’s a hop, skip and jump from all the glitz and glitter that sunny Miami has to offer.

It just so happens that Alliance Virtual Offices has three killer Miami virtual office locations for your business pleasure, and we’d be hard-pressed not to encourage you to give them a look. Thanks to our massive collection of global virtual office locations, you can have that Miami address in literally no time flat. Just give us a call, and we’ll have you impressing those new potential clients before you can say, “South Beach.”

Image source – Wiki Commons

10 Distraction-Busting Features of Our Call Answering Services

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10 distraction-busting features of Alliance Virtual's call answering services

Distractions. We all hate them. Which is why we think you’ll love our live receptionist call-answering services.

You see, we’ve developed our virtual office services to help busy entrepreneurs and growing businesses like you take control of your working day. Don’t you just hate it when you’re knee-deep in sales figures or a complex business plan, with a head full of numbers, when – BOOM – your phone goes off and scatters your thoughts – sending your sanity with it?

That’s no good for business, it’s no good for productivity and it’s certainly no good for the caller, who ends up with an irate response from you.

So how do you solve this merry-go-round of productivity-sapping distractions? Allow us to introduce you to Alliance Virtual’s call answering services, which offer a long list of benefits to help your business grow and prosper. We’ve picked out ten of our favorite distraction-busting features that we think you’ll love. Take a look and let us know what you think!

1. Live Answering
Choose one of our Virtual Office Live Receptionist packages and you’ll benefit from personalized, live answering from one of our highly trained receptionists from 9am – 8pm EST. They’ll act like a member of your own team, handling calls according to your instructions and answering in your company name.

2. Call screening
Part of our Virtual Office Live Receptionist packages, as above, is a Call Screening / Attended Transfer service. Rather than re-routing calls straight to you, our receptionists will screen them first and handle them according to your instructions.

3. Voicemail services
We offer a voicemail service across all of our Virtual Office Phone and Virtual Office Live Receptionist packages, which includes email delivery notification of new voicemails. Perfect for those phone-free days when you just need to get your head down!

4. After hours greetings
Don’t worry if your clients call outside of our Live Receptionist times – we have after-hours greetings and you can have calls forwarded direct to your mobile, perfect if you’re waiting for an important call.

5. Call blocking
Hate persistent sales calls? We have various call blocking measures to help you filter out unwanted calls, along with a Caller ID Block and detailed screening settings.

6. Forwarding
If you know you’re going to be busy, on a conference call or just hidden under a pile of paperwork, set up forwarding procedures to send calls direct to another number, be it a colleague or to your cell.

7. Call handling
If you choose one of our Live Receptionist services, you can designate specific rules on how to handle calls. That way, spam calls are filtered out and important callers and never left to voicemail.

8. Transfers
The way in which calls are transferred speaks volumes about your customer service, so we always ensure calls are transferred as smoothly as possible.

9. Caller ID
This is a popular feature that lets you see who’s calling – and whether or not you should stop what you’re doing in order to pick up the phone!

10. Do Not Disturb
How’s this for a distraction-busting technique? You can set up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature across all of our Virtual Office Phone and Live Receptionist services, and have calls handled or re-routed as you wish.

Get the full low-down on our virtual office call answering services on our website. Why not give us a try? It’s the first step on the path to better productivity, fewer distractions and enhanced customer service – which is a win-win for everyone!

Image source: imagerymajestic,

Going for (Virtual) Gold in Rio

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Set up shop in a Rio de Janeiro virtual office

Here’s one city that’s getting plenty of airtime: Rio de Janeiro, and it’s not hard to see why.

As of tomorrow, there are 1,000 days to go until the global spotlight falls on Rio. From August 5th to 21st 2016, this fabulous Brazilian city will host the 31st Olympic Games, when more than 10,500 athletes from over 200 nations around the world will come together to battle it out for Olympic glory.

This will mark the first time that a South American city hosts the event – but Rio is no stranger to the global stage.

Full of Brazilian fire and Latin American spirit, Rio sums up images of boisterous carnivals and sultry samba, of glittering white beaches and soaring mountainous peaks, of dense steamy jungles and lost cities. The famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival brings revellers from far and wide, while culture vultures come to pay homage to Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado mountain, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Beach-lovers get their kicks on the famous Copacabana Beach, and of course, who couldn’t resist a trip to Rio without passing by some of the cavernous stadiums that produced such global superstars as Pelé, Romário and Ronaldo?

If that’s got you geared up and thinking big, check out our virtual office in Rio de Janeiro and grab your own piece of the action. This fabulous Rio workspace is based on Av. Rio Branco 120, Centro, and serves up everything you need to grow your business in style, in Brazil’s second largest city.

A top business address in the heart of the action? Check. Day offices and coworking space? Yep. Knock-out meeting space to impress your clients? You bet.

It’s all here. So check out our gold-standard virtual office space in Rio and get your business on the podium to success!

We’ve also got virtual offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Image source

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