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Live Receptionists

Live Receptionists Plans

Live Answering Minutes 50 100 200 0
Local and Long Distance Minutes 300 600 1000 600
Included Phone Numbers 1 2 3 2
Personalized, Live Answering 9am-8pm EST
Call Screening / Attended Transfer
Voicemail, Email Delivery of Voicemail
Custom Recordings, Messages
Full Online Control Panel
Call Forwarding
Monthly Cost $95 $145 $225 $35
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Experienced and Professional.

Alliance strives for the most experienced and professional representatives to answer the phone for you. Our live receptionists have been administrative assistants for years for a variety of types of companies. We know that ensuring your image of professionalism is of utmost importance and it’s the only way we remain your virtual office of choice.

Domestic Live Answering.

Unlike other Live Answering services, Alliance Virtual Offices offers only experienced professionals who are native speakers. Our receptionists are NOT outsourced to countries outside of your location. We understand the professional image you seek and is expected by your clients, and strive to deliver on that with all our services.

Eliminate Distractions.

We know that many entrepreneurs and workers use their cell phones as their main point of contact. We also know that this can be a big distraction during the day. Our service allows employees to shift the calls from their cell phone to our live receptionists who can screen and forward calls to voicemail or to the cell phone. This saves your business time and improves productivity.

Maintain Your Image.

Ensure that phone calls from your important clients and colleagues are answered and handled professionally with Alliance’s Virtual Office Communications plans. Our receptionists are professional with a great attitude to provide fantastic first and ongoing impressions for your business.

Our Live Receptionist Plans are All Backed By a Powerful Phone System - No Hardware or IT Needed!

Complete Control. Our Virtual Phone System puts complete set of simple self-service controls at your fingertips. You can set up menus, greetings, schedules, extensions and more from our secure control panel. Any time you add a new employee or “branch” in a phone system, simply login and press a few buttons and you’re done. There are no IT headaches and no tickets to your telecommunications provider that go ignored for weeks.

Powerful, Complete Feature Set.

The Alliance Virtual Phone System has the most complete set of features available today. We not only offer complete control of your phone system through our web-based control panel, the list of features and capabilities goes on and on, yet our system is intuitive and simple to set up. View our complete features list.

Big Savings.

Our Virtual Phone System plans are one low monthly price, or are free with our Live Receptionist service. Also, unlike many of our competitors, many of our add-ons are free or are offered at a low cost. For example, porting numbers in or out of our system is free; most vanity numbers are a one-time cost of $5.

About Alliance Virtual

Alliance Virtual Offices combines People, Place and Technology -- the three key components needed to serve mobile and work-from-home professionals -- to deliver a complete virtual office. Our on-demand offices, virtual phone system and experienced, professional live receptionists enable our clients to operate more flexibly - while projecting a better image -- at a nice price.