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Irvine Meeting Room | Campus Drive, Suite 550

Meeting Room in Irvine, CA

We have meeting rooms in Irvine, CA.

Irvine Virtual Office Space, Exterior Photo

University Tower Business Center
4199 Campus Drive, Suite 550
Irvine CA 92612

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  Meeting Room Capacity Rate Total
Temporary Office up to 3 $35/hr
Medium Meeting Room up to 8 $45/hr
Large Conference Room up to 10 $65/hr



Irvine Virtual Office Space, Exterior Photo

Irvine Virtual Office Space, Exterior Photo
Ready To Go Virtual Office Space Irvine

Irvine Day Office - Fully Equipped
Stylish Entrance Lobby - Virtual Office in Irvine

Receptionist Welcoming Area - Irvine Virtual Office

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About Alliance Virtual

Alliance Virtual Offices combines People, Place and Technology -- the three key components needed to serve mobile and work-from-home professionals -- to deliver a complete virtual office. Our on-demand offices, virtual phone system and experienced, professional live receptionists enable our clients to operate more flexibly - while projecting a better image -- at a nice price.